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Meet Dr Les Pereira (Chiropractor)

Dr. Les Pereira (Chiropractor)

Dr Les Pereira (Chiropractor)

Everything I did in my schooling was always aimed at becoming a chiropractor. When I left High School I was too young to be admitted into the Chiropractic Course in Melbourne. When I left High School I went to Curtin University and did a Bachelor of Science Degree for the sole purpose of getting into Chiropractic College. After completing this degree I entered the chiropractic college in Melbourne.

Five long years away from home I completed the Chiropractic course and then returned to practice in Bunbury. I worked there for about one year before chatting to Dr Pitman again about buying a practice in Mandurah. It was at this stage he informed me that he did not understand why I was looking at buying that practice when he always expected me to come and work with him and eventually take over Mt Lawley Chiropractic Clinic. After about 18 months Geoff informed me that he was happy to leave knowing that his patient were going to be looked after and retired. Since then I have been working at the Mt Lawley Chiropractic Clinic.

I believe that for too long now we have been told that it is normal for us to get sick and that we wait until it is too bad to function then we go and see what we can do about it. We should be looking at how we maintain our optimal health. Prevention is better than any cure.

On a Personal Note

I am married to my beautiful wife Emma (we met at Curtin University in the early days) and have a son named Ethan. My family and their wellbeing is the most important thing to me. My hobbies include surf lifesaving (being a member of the Mullaloo Surf Lifesaving club for the past 15 years), Scuba Diving, Fishing (Which I do not get enough time to do) and watching Football during the winter months. (Go the Eagles) The rest of the spare time I like just relaxing with my family and friends.

Chiropractic Care is important for me. I spend a lot of time adjusting patients and coming into contact with so many sick people it is vital that I maintain my neurological system at its optimum. I get adjusted at least once a week and sometimes more regularly if I think I need it. In recent time I have not been as pro-active in exercise and diet and have suffered as a consequence so have started to make a concerted effort into changing some of the poor habits I have developed. The next 18 months I am looking forward to forging good habits and eliminating some of the poor habits I developed.

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